Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Will You Bee My Honey?

The other day I was surfing EBay and Etsy and started looking at honey pots. I had seen a bumble bee pot years ago that I really loved. This time I found this little cutie!
Isn't that the cutest, sweetest little bumble bee face ever? Seriously.
This is her with her lid off(Ooh la la! pardon!)... she even came with the "stinger" spoon. So many of these loose their spoons, so I was so happy that she still had hers.
I thought you'd like to see how teensy she really is! She really is tiny~ I wonder if she was meant to be an individual mini honey pot for a place setting. Wouldn't a spring tea party with these at each place setting be darling??
She's so tiny, she fits in the palm of my hand. She's such a little honey-sweetie... and thankfully, she doesn't sting!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meg's New Ride

Yes, Meg has a new ride... her new Vespa. Well, it isn't actually new-new. She's had it for a few months now. My friend, Lisa, received one for her birthday. When I found out it was in 1:12 scale I went extra nutty over it! I knew that Meg must have one!
I think Meg likes it, although she needs a basket to put her flowers in when she makes her runs to the nursery!