Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good News...

I've signed the loan docs! I should receive the keys to my new (and first) home by Thursday! I can't wait to show you all around! I'm going to be pretty busy with everything I've got to get done, but I'll be checking in. See you soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Last Thursday, Marsha (aka: Dancing Queen) from Sassy Mini Dolls awarded me this "Honest Scrap"award. Sassy Marsha is a fabulous doll artist and she has a wonderful blog. In fact, she is the friend that help me set up this blog! She's kinda' my bloggy mentor... and soon-to-be-neighbor!

Okey-doke. I understand I have to divulge to you guys 10 things that you don't know about me.

1. I took disco lessons in the 6th grade. Okay, just two lessons. I can do the hustle and the bump... and not that well.

2. I lived in Japan for a year and a half. I use to speak Japanese fairly fluently, but you know that saying, "If you don't use it, you lose it...". I still occasionally think and dream in Japanese though.

3. I have to close my eyes during those disgusting commercials that show dust mights, germs, soap scum, and clogged pipes. Yuck!!!

4. I don't like those old-fashioned toilets with the tank up high on the wall. Don't know why, but they disturb me. Just don't like them. at. all.

5. Okay, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.... I love my dog. Okay, you probably knew that. Something that I hadn't realized prior to adopting him was that I was actually lonely. I had never thought of myself as lonely, but after I adopted Haggie I realized that I really had been.

6. Creativity is like air to me. It's driving me crazy to live out of boxes. I can't craft, cook, or decorate while I'm in "moving limbo".

7. I've wanted a little house of my own all my life. Yes, I was that little girl that created cool little houses and lofts for my barbies and dreamt of having a little house of my own... with a garden, sun room, and courtyard. Now that I'm about to achieve this dream, it feels so surreal. I'm so excited, yet nervous. Okay, I have to remember... breathe, believe, receive...

8. I watch reality television. Specifically, I watch "Dancing with the Stars", "So You Think You Can Dance", and the mother-of-all-reality-shows "American Idol". I watch them while on the phone with my best-good-friend Joyce. We give our own critiques throughout the show, and during commercials we catch up on things and occasionally make fun of Simon ("That was very cabaret... that reminded me of something you would see on a cruise ship"... you get the picture.) We actually went to the American Idol Live concert last Friday! We've always said that we should, and this year there were enough rockers to make it worth it. (Adam & Kris, you rock!) It was a great show!

Oh, I think I should add, I also watch "The Bachelor". I know, I know, it's sick. It exploits the women that choose to be exploited. I just can't help myself. You will not, however, find me watching "More to Love". I just can't bare to watch it. I bare too much resemblance to those girls. Just. too. painful.

9. I've never been married... and I'm in a space in my life where I'm okay with that. I'd like to think that I'm "the one that got away." Makes me feel better somehow, and in some cases it's actually been true. ;)

10. I'm a recovering packrat. So many cute things, so little space. Needless to say, I'm still in recovery. (I've got a whole darn Joann's Superstore- craft store- boxed up in my garage right now.)

Well, that's it. Probably more than you needed to know, but it is what it is! Okay, now I'm suppose to pass this award on to five fabulous bloggers. I think that I will just pass this on to any of my followers who would like to participate. Don't be shy, it actually makes for a fun post!

Have fun!

Sweet indulgences

Hello, friends. I'm taking a break from all this moving hullaballoo. My boxes are packed and I'm ready to move, however there's been a delay on the seller's end of things... so I'm in limbo. I'm literally living out of boxes, with the exception of my favorite plate and tea mug.

I stopped by Le Petit Paris the other day for some macarons. It's the only place in Sacramento that I've been able to find them. They're one of my little indulgences-- at $1.25 each (yes, each). Needless to say, I don't purchase them that often!

Last Christmas when I was in Boise, I found these wonderful plates at Anthropologie. The one shown has a bird. The others had a dragonfly, a deer, and... hmmm...I can't remember. I just fell in love with them.

The tea mug is one of my absolute faves-- it's by ForLifeDesign and I purchased it at a wonderful tea shop in midtown called Hina's Teas. The shop sells fabulous loose teas of all sorts. This morning I'm drinking "Morning Sunshine" and the label says, "A perfect tea for people who like a citrus character with hints of passion fruit." It's suppose to be really good iced also. I love all the names of the teas-- I have one called "Creativity" that I love. I even bought one of my friends one called "Fountain of Youth" for her birthday! (Hee hee)

Well, I'll be stopping in to post from time to time while going through this move. Please send some positive thoughts to the seller (bank) so we can proceed with the closing! I'm anxious to show you my new home! Thanks so much!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing you all a sweet summer day! I'm looking forward to fun days when I can create something like these... in the meantime, I'll just keep packing my boxes!

(Photo: Martha Stewart's gallery)