Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweet indulgences

Hello, friends. I'm taking a break from all this moving hullaballoo. My boxes are packed and I'm ready to move, however there's been a delay on the seller's end of things... so I'm in limbo. I'm literally living out of boxes, with the exception of my favorite plate and tea mug.

I stopped by Le Petit Paris the other day for some macarons. It's the only place in Sacramento that I've been able to find them. They're one of my little indulgences-- at $1.25 each (yes, each). Needless to say, I don't purchase them that often!

Last Christmas when I was in Boise, I found these wonderful plates at Anthropologie. The one shown has a bird. The others had a dragonfly, a deer, and... hmmm...I can't remember. I just fell in love with them.

The tea mug is one of my absolute faves-- it's by ForLifeDesign and I purchased it at a wonderful tea shop in midtown called Hina's Teas. The shop sells fabulous loose teas of all sorts. This morning I'm drinking "Morning Sunshine" and the label says, "A perfect tea for people who like a citrus character with hints of passion fruit." It's suppose to be really good iced also. I love all the names of the teas-- I have one called "Creativity" that I love. I even bought one of my friends one called "Fountain of Youth" for her birthday! (Hee hee)

Well, I'll be stopping in to post from time to time while going through this move. Please send some positive thoughts to the seller (bank) so we can proceed with the closing! I'm anxious to show you my new home! Thanks so much!


rosanna said...

Lovely mug, delicious looking macarons! tomorrow you will be able to choose your teacozy ;o))Rosanna

Claudia said...

So pretty! Hang in there - waiting to actually make the move must be frustrating!

Marsha said...

Hi Jill!

Ohhhh, I'll have to go there sometime!

I was going to call you Saturday and see if you wanted to go to the Discovery Shop. They were on Goodday Sacramento and they had some fab candleholders . . . but obviously I didn't call and I didn't go there either, ha ha ha

I'm hoping you are able to sign SOON!! I'm looking forward to seeing your new home!!


Tallulah~Belle said...

Lots of positive thoughts to the bank....hope it all gets moving very quickly for you. it really is a pain being in the limbo stage.

Kim G. said...

Hey Jill, I hope the bank moves right along and you are able to make the move into your new home. At least you have the company of a nice cup of tea and a few macaroons to keep you happy in the meantime. I think that would make anyone happy!

rosanna said...

Hep Jill, call on me. My email page has gone blank!!! I cannot find anybody's address. I fnished the cozies tonight and you have to choose one.The pillow will be a surprise.Please write to me Rosanna

Anonymous said...

That, there, is just the most perfect picture of comfort! A warm of tea and macarons of different colors!

Good luck on the move! I hope it goes by smoothly and effectively!