Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm ready for my little trick or treaters... are you? I've hung my "I've got flying monkeys, don't make me use them" sign.
Since the removal of the tree in the front yard there's been no landscaping... so I decided to work with what I have and dig a graveyard! I'm not really a morbid person, but my humor can be a little twisted at times.
Apparently, my neighbor's humor can be twisted too! His graveyard puts mine to shame. He's got a body bag, tombstones, "fire" that lights up, and even music with sound effects!
Here's a close-up of what he has going on above his garage. He built it himself-- it has a windshield wiper motor in it to make it move! Brilliant!
Well, I've got some last minute things to do before the little goblins start coming by-- have a safe and fun Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Early Birthday Gift

I did it. My birthday isn't until next month but I ordered my early birthday gift! It's the KitchenAid Professional 600 6qt 575 Watt Stand Mixer in Pearl Metallic. Isn't it a beauty? I ordered it from my good friends at QVC. That website is just too convenient!

I'm excited that I'll receive it in time for my holiday baking! Using this new mixer will be so much easier than using my old hand mixer! I've been wanting one of these forever. I can't wait to mix cookie dough, cupcake batter, and all manner of yummy goodness to share with my friends this fall!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Award From Maria...

I recently received this award from Maria Jose from the blog Marivigano! Maria is a creative miniaturist who lives in Spain. She was so sweet to honor me with this award. Thank you so much Maria!

I couldn't understand the rules of the award, since I don't understand Spanish- but I think that I'm suppose to pass this on to ten other bloggers. I've seen this award on many blogs, and can never remember who has received what! Sooooo, I'm just going to pass this award on to any of my followers from other countries than the U.S. (I love my U.S. followers too, don't worry!) All of you inspire me!

It still blows me away that so many of my "blog friends" are from other countries-- I love it! I think it makes the world feel a little more cozy.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Show and Tell Tuesday

Happy Fall, my sweet friends! Meg has been waiting for me to get back from the Showcase of Miniatures show in San Jose. I think she knew that I'd be bringing her some fall decorations for the Little Pink House. I brought her some pumpkins and a jack o' lantern for the porch. She immediately went to arranging them at the entry to the house. Looks like she got her packages from her recent eBay purchase. She and I are both a little addicted to eBay these days!
This a plastic jack o' lantern and some skulls that I received in a $2 grab bag. There were more things in the grab bag, but these were my favorite. They seem kind of vintage-- and I love the party hats on the skulls! Meg would like some Halloween candy for this jack o' lantern so she can sit out on the porch Halloween night and pass candy out to the little goblins that may come by.

On the way back from the show, my friend Kim and I stopped by Bearly Big Enough to take a look at minis. I can never leave without finding something that I just must have! I found this wonderful glass cake stand and glass dome-- and of course needed something for the inside, so I found this yummy looking cake to put in it.
A few weeks ago I purchased this little bed and chenille bed cover and pillows. I was able to find a rug, a garden hat, and the orange kitty playing in the fishbowl at the show. Meg now has a dog (Hagrid), a cat (Bojangles) and a goldfish (Sushi). I think that pets really make a house feel like a home, even a little home.
While at the show, Kim and I met up with our friend Lynne from Club Little House. She was so sweet to give each of us this wonderful little table with flamingos painted on it, a tea cozy that she made at her mini club (that I forgot to photograph) and a mini copy of Through the Looking Glass (on the nightstand shelf). Thanks so much, Lynne! She is so thoughtful- and talented too. I love everything she does! She made the wonderful kitchen table and tablecloth in the kitchen for our last Club Little House swap. Lynne, when will we ever talk you into starting a blog?!
These are some hankies that I found at The Shabby Shack, one of my favorite quirky antique shops. Each hankie was priced at $2, but when I got to the register the man gave them to me at two for $3! I didn't even ask! I love the hankie with the embroidered floral wreaths. I may make a bed skirt for the bed, or maybe some curtains for the bedroom.
Well, I hope you enjoyed "Show and Tell Tuesday"-- it was fun to show you a little bit more of the Little Pink House. I promise that I will start showing more. The bathroom is wallpapered now, but the room still needs some work. I purchased some wallpaper for the living room, so I'll post that when it's completed also.
I hope you are all enjoying the change in the season-- have a wonderful day!