Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Award From Maria...

I recently received this award from Maria Jose from the blog Marivigano! Maria is a creative miniaturist who lives in Spain. She was so sweet to honor me with this award. Thank you so much Maria!

I couldn't understand the rules of the award, since I don't understand Spanish- but I think that I'm suppose to pass this on to ten other bloggers. I've seen this award on many blogs, and can never remember who has received what! Sooooo, I'm just going to pass this award on to any of my followers from other countries than the U.S. (I love my U.S. followers too, don't worry!) All of you inspire me!

It still blows me away that so many of my "blog friends" are from other countries-- I love it! I think it makes the world feel a little more cozy.



kathi said...

Congratulations! I love being able to visit miniaturists from all over the world too. I even click on other people's followers if I see someone I don't recognize! What a wonderful mini world!

Sophia said...

Congrats! lol, that is funny. But it IS amazing how we are connected all over the world through our one common interest of blogging!