Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodies Galore!

I just wanted to show you what we received at the "Folsom Fiesta" workshop that I attended. Everything but the chaise lounge, dressing table, and stool were gifts that they showered on us all throughout the day! All of these gifts were made or purchased throughout the year while planning the workshop. Aren't they wonderful? But wait! There's more...
Here's the rest of the loot! I have painted the standing mirror frame, the table, the wall mirror and the trunk white to go with my style-- oh, the wonders of white paint!
Someone made this adorable sassy little bra and garter set- it's one of my favorite things! I LOVE the lace gloves too!
Isn't that a pretty lamp? I wouldn't mind having a full size one for my big house! I love the perfume bottle also!
Oh! And the roses! Love them! Isn't the dish with the comb and hat pins sweet? I was so lucky to end up with gifts that coordinated with fabric that I brought for my upholstery!
Someone made this adorable nightie!
I love the little purse and necklace! I'm going to try to find some dresden to "shabby up" the table.
And these are kits that we received- a chamber set, a set of greeting cards/envelopes, and a wedding veil. The block with pegs is a bow maker!
Well, that's my loot! Pretty amazing for a $70. class-- they even included breakfast and lunch! I'm really looking forward to next year's class. It's always held the day before the big mini flea market at The Elegant Dollhouse. I think it's always the first weekend in May.
I've got to get ready for work now! Have a wonderful weekend-- thanks so much for making the first week of my blog so fun for me. I have really loved and appreciated all the kind comments!

PS: I accidentally erased my signature-- oops! I'll get the hang of this soon!


Kim said...


It all looks so great!!! What a fun class! I can't believe how it all matches what you made so well. I'm so glad you shared it all with us!

MiniMadWoman said...

What a lot of pretties you have! I love the chaise lounge . . . it's beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful day . . . thanks for sharing!

Sassy M said...

What fun loot!! Next year's Folsom Fiesta is on May 1st.

Had I know about your "blue" poot room I would have given you some sassy lingerie I made :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful class and day and to get all those terrific items on top of that was a real bonus.

Kim G. said...

Looks like I missed out on a great class! What fun!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for stoppping by my blog today! I've just looked back through your posts and I can see your dollhouse is a very similar style to mine. Can you tell me who it is made by? Mine is about 45 years old and I bought it second hand so I don't have any information about it and everyone is asking me questions about it!

Lynne said...

How nice that all the goodies match your fabric. Looks like it was a fabulous day of mini creativity and friends. Thanks for showing us all the extras!