Friday, December 17, 2010

My New Gift Garland

Inspired by the fabulous-I-could-hardly-breath e-magazine, Inspired Ideas, I decided to tackle one of the projects that I fell completely in love with... The Gift Garland. I took the project in a little bit different direction with the color scheme, using the colors I decorate with at Christmas~ red, silver, and sparkle. Okay, sparkle isn't really considered a color, but it's a crucial element for my decor, you know.
After scouring through my pantry to find the right sized boxes, I found some boxes of various sizes and shapes. I didn't quite have enough for the project, so I resorted to purchasing things in small boxes... like chocolate. And jell-o. Hey! Jell-o is cheap!

So munching on chocolate, I got to work on laying out the boxes in the order I would hang them. After that was completed, I moved on to the fun part~ wrapping and embellishing the boxes! I love wrapping gifts. I always have. I love making a present look special... even if the gift itself is kind of modest.
Here's the completed garland in all it's glory. In person, it's very shiny and sparklie! I'm really pleased with it, but I think I need to embellish it more on each end where it hooks to the fireplace. I love how the original creator, Analise Sled embellished with round ornaments. I'm going to keep my eyes on the lookout for some red/silver ornies to add onto the garland. I think it would finish it off nicely. One thing that I did differently on this project was connect the gifts onto the garland using twine instead of hot glue. I just wanted to be able to disassemble this garland for easy storage after Christmas. I actually tried Velcro, but I just couldn't get the packages to hang the right way.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing the new addition to my Christmas decor extravaganza. I'm enjoying this festive season and have been so inspired and blown-away by the wonderful Christmas creations out there in Bloglandia. I feel like now that I have this project out of the way I can just focus on enjoying Christmas itself... after all, it's countdown time! I hope that you, too can take time to enjoy and savor the season!


Lisa Leggett said...

Oh Jill, it looks fantastic!! I really, really love it! You're so good! So ok... you ate the chocolate... that sounds reasonable... but did you eat the jello?? Heehee...
Much love, my friend. Let's get together again soon.

Kim said...

Jill- it is gorgeous!!! I love it! I have that e-mag bookmarked to come back to when I have some time (after christmas) because it is just so fabulous. How fun to see one of the projects created by a fellow blogger :) I hope you and Hagrid have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Carey said...

Hi Jill,

I love the garland. I love to wrap presents also. I like the color scheme you chose, it sparkles. I would love to try this project one day as well.
Season Greetings,

Claudia said...

That is gorgeous, Jill! You did such a wonderful job with it. I love the color combination. It looks so lovely on your fireplace!


Tracey said...

OMG I love this soooo much. Love your colour scheme and thanks for sharing it with us.
Merry Christmas
love me :-)

kimsminiatures said...

Love the garland Jill. You did such a lovely job. You really are so talented. Your house looks like a dream my friend. Happy Happy Holidays! Hugs~ Kim

Margaret said...

Lovely decorating idea, yours looks delightful and verry sparkly. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

suzitee said...

Stunning Jill, that's the only word for it! Loving the red and silver, and I can imagine the delicious! Your house is looking gorgeous for the festive season...hope it's a wonderful one for you xxx

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Jill!!! I LOVE THIS!!! I wish I had time to make one of these. What a great idea! ...I'm stashing this away in my memory banks for sure! Yours turned out so beautiful and it looks sooo perfect across you fireplace like that! Have a great weekend!!! xo Paulette

Elyse said...

hi jill,

i am just smiling my way through this post. i can so relate to the buying small boxes just for a craft and then munching away on the contents! and i totally think that sparkle can be considered a color!

hugs and cheers on this wonderful project checked off your check list!