Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter, Sweet Friends...

I love the colors of Spring, don't you? It always feels so good to bring out the soft, colorful Spring and Easter decorations after a grey winter season. This year, instead of buying something new-- I went shopping in my garage. Yes, I went shopping in my garage. I've been in my house for about a year and a half, but I still haven't finished unpacking. I have a lot of boxes. Seriously. I have a lot of boxes. I have a lot of boxes because I have a lot of stuff... but it's good stuff.

So... after going through my boxes of stuff, I decorated the house for Easter. I've taken a few snaps to share with you:

This sweet bunny is amazing~ he's about 18 inches tall, and reminds me of The Velveteen Rabbit. He's currently the Master of Easter Ceremonies on my mantle.

Here's a close-up... isn't he sweet? I love his Easter basket and his scraggly whiskers.

His little cousins are gracing the other side of the mantle...

I felt kinda' bad placing the one bunny in the glass jar. Every time I look at him, I get the feeling that he's trying to talk his buddy into breaking him out.

And last, but not least... this silly little fuzzy chick. I know, he's silly but he's just soooo cute! I wasn't sure how to display him, so I ended up hanging him with the garland around the fireplace. I'm really surprised that Hagrid hasn't discovered him. He's almost at eye-level, after all. Good boy, Haggie.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little Spring & Easter Tour... May you all have a sweet & sunny Easter!



Marnie said...

O MY Goodness! I love your bunnies!! I've been searching for a 'standing tall' bunny with a basket backpack. I'm sure these used to be plentiful but I sure haven't seen any this year! Very pretty. Thank you for your sweet comments over at my place. They really warm my heart.

Happy Easter!

Lynne said...

Happy Easter, Jill! Your garage shopping spree was quite a success- your Easter mantle is beautiful. Alice would have really enjoyed that little chick...Hagrid has wonderful self-control. ;)
See you soon!

Sassy Marsha said...

Happy Easter, Jill!!!!!

Beautiful decorations! If you ever have a garage sale, let me know first . . . or second . . . LOL I know you have GOOD stuff!!

I'm not so proper anymore, LOL


Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Jill~
Your house is the perfect house for spring, so light & airy and pretty! Hope you had a great Easter today!

suzitee said...

What a brilliant idea...your garage certainly holds some treasures :) I love your Easter decorating, and your Velveteen Rabbit is gorgeous. Happy (belated)Easter to you xxx

Kim said...

Everything looks so cute Jill!! Maybe that bunny in the jar is enjoying his alone time :)

Be-lated Happy Easter to you!!!!!