Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Little Box Of Sunshine

A few months ago when we were experiencing our rainy season here, I was really craving spring. I wanted sunshine.... so I splurged and bought me some. I've always loved Elyse's blog, Cottage, and the sweet, enchanting "tinkered treasures" she creates. Soooo, I did it. I finally placed an order. So, how 'bout some "Show and Tell"??

First of all, look how sweet everything is wrapped. (You all know by now that I totally love great presentation!) Everything was so carefully wrapped, it felt like I was opening a birthday gift from a friend!

Just look at all this sweetness! I love Elyse's "signature colors"-- pink, aqua/blue... so soft and pretty! She even enclosed what I call a "cupcake ballerina", some blue flowers, and a book marker. Can I just tell you how much I love those ballerinas? I love those ballerinas. I had a ballerina birthday party when I was little, back in the (ahem) late sixties. (I was really, really little then. Not very old at all.) These ballerinas were on my birthday cake. After the birthday debut, we kept the ballerinas in my mom's green metal picnic basket where we stored all the cake decorating supplies. (For you metal basket collectors, it's the green "basket weave" one.) I think my mom still has that basket-- and those ballerinas. Anyway, those "cupcake ballerinas" always bring back sweet memories when I see them.

Okay, back to my box of sunshine... I love these tinkered clothes pins. I think they'd be so great clipped onto a bulletin board-- you know, the ones made out of a frame with the wires strung across. (Note to self: find frame, paint it, wire it.) I think they'd also be darling used to clip a gift tag onto a gift bag. Cutecutecute.

These little tinkered matchboxes are even sweeter in person-- I love the little ribbon/rose detail and the little sequin "drawer pull" (can't see it in this photo). And how cute is that little "wish ticket"?? I love to give earrings for gifts, and these little boxes are perfect! This little sweetie was a little stowaway! (Thank you so much, Elyse! I love unexpected "extras"!) I've named her Ellie, and she has found her home among the glittery goodness in my playroom. (Yes, I have a playroom, but that's for another post...) I think Ellie will be very happy among the sparkle and, uh, what I call crafty chaos. Anyway, I hope you've liked this sweet little box of sunshine~ please click on over to Elyse's lovely blog. It's a little ray of sunshine too!

Okay, so did I mention it was a rainy year? Yeah, I ordered some more sunshine. Sunshine was on sale that day. It was a sign. I knew that I had to have these bowls the moment I laid my eyes on them! I don't know what this style of printed enamel bowl is really called, but I love them. These ones are much smaller than I imagined that they would be, but they will be great for serving stuff... and snacks. I like pretty snacks. Now this really made my heart pitter-patter.... teacups, saucers, and dessert plates. I see another tea party in my future. I really love these teacups. I used every one of them within two days of receiving them. Loooooove. Them. They make me feel like a little girl playing tea party in her play house. Well, whatdayaknow...These cups also coordinate with my embroidery projects~~ all three of them. Yes, my dear-sweet-giveaway-winners (and my awesome swap partner)-- I have been stitchin' like a mad woman. The embroidery part is done, but my sewing machine decided to break down. (Great timing.) Okay, I have more excuses but I don't want to bore you with them. I am hoping to resolve the sewing machine problem in the next week, and then I'll be very close to shipping some stitchy goodness off to their new homes.

I can't wait to reveal what I've been up to!



suzitee said...

Your treasures are so beautiful Jill! The little cupcake ballerinas bring back some fond memories for me too...thank you for sharing! I've seen that Cath Kidston teaset around online, and have tried so many times to justify buying myself ANOTHER teaset. We've had a rainy couple of weeks...perhaps a little sunshine is in order for me too? LOL Can't wait to see your stitching!

Tracey said...

Hello there, what a lovely post. It was happy and full of lovely happy things. Must pop over and check out that blog... I could do with some lovely pegs, little boxes and I am sure there is lots of other lovely stuff.
Thanks for making me smile.
Love me :-)

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Hi Jill!

Cath Kidston is instant sunshine in a box! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
The sweet ballerina reminds me of the jewelery box I had as a little girl. When you opened the lid, she would spring up and twirl round and round.
What's up with sewing machines lately? Mine is in the repair shop with quote to repair that is not in the budget for awhile GRRRR! But I have discovered hand sewing and I love it. As they say, everything happens for a reason :)
Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Angela said...

I love your post.
A note on the green basketweave picnic grandma had one and told me that it came with cookies being sold for a high school band fundraiser in the late forties. I love those stories to go with my beloved treasures!

Julie said...

Oh I love this post and your pictures! :)
Newest follower.

Claudia said...

Oh, that Elyse! She makes such wonderful treasures. I'm glad you treated yourself to some. And some Cath Kidston! Everyone needs a treat now and then.


Elyse said...

hi jill!

what a happy surprise to see this post! i'm so happy that you like all of your little treats and purchases! it was so fun to see your name on the etsy order. ellie is such a sweet name for your doll. :) i love the cupcake toppers, too. (born in '65)

and of course, i am swooning over the cath kidston stuff. there is nothing better than treating yourself to some of CK's delightful wares. i have never regretted any of my purchases.

happy tea time!


Carey said...

Hi Jill,

I love those little ballerinas also. I had them on my birthday cake in the 60s and was very "young" as well. I still have them and they are treasured. Love all your new treasures. One of my favorite things is getting a box in the mail. You know it will be something good - after all bills don't come in boxes.