Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The "Fabulous Mystery Gifts" Revealed

Yes, it's finally time (well over time) to reveal The Fabulous Mystery Gifts that I promised to the lovely winners of my Blog Anniversary Giveaway back in (ahem) May. I mailed them out a little while back and wanted to make sure my winners recieved them before I revealed the great mystery. I love gift giving, and this was a really fun one for me because I was able to personalize these gifts to the winners. My first lovely winner was Claudia...

Claudia was so fun to create for-- we love a lot of the same things, colors, and all manner of sweet vintage goodness. We both even love coffee. Claudia had randomly mentioned that she had run out Peet's Coffee. Being that there's a Peet's practically around the corner, I couldn't resist picking up some to send to her!
Claudia is restoring/remodeling a darling dollhouse. (Oh my goodness, check out the porch floor. I love it!) These little goodies are a combination of things I created and found. I made the beach bag and the table/chair (depends on the scale you use) in some of her favorite colors. That print on the table and the tiny "McCoy" vase remind me so much of her wonderful vintage style!

I've also done some stitchin'~ a linen dishtowel with stitched blue birds, and embellished with rikrak. This pattern immediately came to mind when I was thinking of what to stitch because Claudia had chronicled the hatching of a sweet little bird family earlier this year. I appologize for the wonky angle of this photo, but I wanted you to be able to see a bit of the trim.

Okay, here's a better shot. I love this pattern so much, I may have to stitch one to hang here at The Little Nest!

Next, this is what my 2nd prize winner Kathi received. Have I ever mentioned that I love wrapping gifts? I love wrapping gifts! In fact, I made the simple little box cover that you see above. It was easy peasy, using a couple strips of paper, a scalloped circle punch, and a simple sweet polka dot Cath Kidston sticker. The stickers and outer box address labels that I used in these gifts all came from an adorable Cath Kidston sticker/label set. I was so excited to have something special to use them on! Kathi loves anything beach related and I loved having a beach theme to create around. This vintage mermaid embroidery pattern was so fun to stitch!

Thank you, Claudia and Kathi, for entering my lil' giveaway! Thanks also to all of you sweet friends that entered this year's blog anniversary giveaway. I sincerely appreciate that you've all taken a little time out of your day to visit my little corner of Bloglandia. I love this little world, and love the inspiration and creativity that you all so generously share each day.

Some of you may ask, "Where has Jill been?" or "Is Jill still blogging?!". Well, I'm still here. Life has been busy. Some good, some great, some... stressful. That's how life rolls, isn't it? Well, here's some little clues to what fun things I've been up to lately:

1. A little day of fun with friends...

2. A little magical yummy goodness, and a day in The City...

3. A little bit of fall decorating~ Oh, how I love Halloween!! In fact, I'm a bit nutty about it. Post to follow soon!!! I can't wait to share the "magical" fun!! (I've stepped it up this year. Oh yeah.)

I'll be back soon!!




dosierosie said...

Those miniatures are totally amazing. How do you manage to make something so small?

Tracey said...

Hello sweet friend and what sweet lovely gifts you made. It was fun to read your post because you could tell how happy you were to make these gifts. Thanks for making my day happy.
love me :-)

Kathi said...

Thank you SO much for the sweet little things you sent to me! I loved the way you wrapped each tiny package. They were almost too pretty to open!
:D Kathi

Lisa Leggett said...

What lucky duckies! Everything looks so pretty, Jill! I love the way you've wrapped each little pressie in that gingham paper, and tied off with milenery flowers, just as sweet as can be! As for what's inside the pretty wrapping, wowza!! You are an amazing stitcher and insy-wincy furniture maker! Evertything looks perfect. I love this post!

Claudia said...

You are the queen of wrappers! I loved the way you wrapped my presents - such style and sweetness. And you know how much I loved my treasures. Thank you sweet friend.


suzitee said...

I have been wondering where you were, and hoping that everything is fine with you :) Looks like you've been keeping very busy! I love all the goodies you've created for your giveaway, especially your stitched pieces...just beautiful Jill! Your gift wrapping is very inspiring too.

Lisette said...

Wow, did you make the table and bag yourself. Adorable. They would do great in one of my little cabinets. I have to try making it myself one day.