Sunday, January 22, 2012

Coffee Time

Hello, Sweet Friends. I've been doing a lot of stitching these past couple of weeks and thought I'd show you what I've been up to. This is a dishtowel that I stitched up for my friend's 88Th birthday! (Yes-- 88 years old and amazing!) Jeanette's favorite color is blue and she loves her coffee, so this is what I came up with. I used a whimsical vintage pattern and added the words "coffee time".

My friend Jeanette is very dear to me. We were next door neighbors when I lived in my little apartment, and we became really great friends. Now that I think of it, I bet she was quite entertained by my shenanigans. I always had something crazy going on out on the front patio... outrageous multi-dimentional pumpkin carving for contests at work, silly outdoor decorations for every holiday, growing sunflowers and building gnome gardens with the neighbor kids. Oh, and the baby possums that use to come up on the porch to eat the cat food! Yeah, never a dull moment.

Anyway, when her birthday rolled around I wanted to stitch something up for her that she could use, so I stitched this up for her. Don't you love the rick rack trim? I love rick rack. I lovelovelove it. It makes me happy. So does dingle-berry trim. (That's what I've always called pom pom trim.) I now wish that I had stitched "Rosie The Riveter" on the towel. Jeanette was a "Rosie" back in the day. She worked on airplanes, and she looked just like "Rosie The Riveter"-- absolutely adorable!

This is just a quick snapshot of how I wrapped her dishtowel. It was a quickie-- as always-- right before I ran out the door. I even managed to make a little gift tag to coordinate with the polka dot tissue. I love making tags. They're usually quick, easy, and not as overwhelming to create vs a card.

I've been busy all weekend cleaning, purging, and organizing my studio. I've never completely moved into this house. I still have boxes full of stuff. Boxes in the studio, boxes in the guest room, boxes in the garage-- so many boxes! Well, I've had it with boxes. I'm so ready to be done with boxes.
Well, in the midst of working in my studio-- which is also a sun room-- I locked myself out of my house. In my pajamas. In my socks. In the dark. In the rain.

Good times. Thank goodness I was wearing a bra.

Oh, and thank goodness I was able to get my gate open, as opposed to climbing the fence. That would not have been pretty. Seriously. It would not have been pretty. I walked through the muddy yard over to the house next door. My sweet neighbors helped me find a locksmith and saved the day.

Long story short, the locksmith and I were greeted by a happy, shaggy, Hagrid about one hour later, when the door was opened. He was oblivious to the adventure that I had been on, but seemed happy to see me. Haggie can sit, shake, high-five, and stay-- but somehow I forgot to teach him how to unlock a door.



Julie said...

That tea towel is so cute!

I'm sure you didn't find it funny at the time, but your adventure being locked out of the house is hilarious. I just know that I'm going to do the same thing myself one of these days.

Claudia said...

First of all, I love the tea towel! Your friend sounds like someone I would love to spend some time with.

Oh no - being locked out is never fun! It's happened to me a few times, always when I'm wearing something less than appropriate!


happy little cottage said...

Poor Jill!! LOL!

Now, on to the tea towel. How totally adorable!! Jeannette is going to love it! How nice to have a friend who is more than a generation older, but who enjoys the same things in life!!

Happy stitching!
xoxo Debbie

Erin said...

I wish you would sell your towels. They are ADORABLE.


Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Beautiful work Jill..Jeanette will be so thrilled with your gift...such a lovely story,
Susan x

gillyflower said...

Hi Jill
So glad you visited me and became a follower, now I've found yours!
What a lovely gift for your friend, so beautifully made and such vintage feel - she will adore it im sure!
Your story made me laugh!

Gill xx

suzitee said...

You are such a clever love love your creation, and I bet Jeanette does too! It has such a gorgeous vintage-y feel to it, and ricrac is one of my favourites!
I picked up some pompom trim while on holidays and it really is divine...crocheted little balls for the pom poms! Must take a is ridiculously cute :)
LOL about your little outdoor "adventure"...and I'm sure if Haggie had noticed you were locked out, he would have figured out a way to let you in :)

Lisa Leggett said...

Such a great, great towel! Love it!! I still can't believe you got locked out of your house though... in your jammies... in the rain! It's like epic levels of tragic-comedy!