Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Little Cottage

I love Etsy. I love that it's such a great way to shop for fun, unique homemade and handmade items. One of my favorite bloggers, Debbie from Happy Little Cottage, recently opened an etsy shop that totally reflects the style of her cheery, happy blog. I love her style, her choices in color and patterns, and now I know I love her craftsmanship!

Will you look at how cute she packages her pincushions!? I love this! She stitched the bag closed! So clever! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know how I love creative, special packaging. Love. It.

Debbie's great style is easy to see in all the other charming sewn items in her shop. Please visit her etsy shop here~ you'll be so happy you did!



happy little cottage said...

Hi Jill! I am blushing! Thanks so much for your super sweet comments and I am thrilled you love your pin cushion! Happy weekend xoxo Debbie

Into Vintage said...

Her little pincushion is the cutest! Looks like beautiful craftsmanship as well. :-)

Lisa Leggett said...

Oh, so cute! I love her blog and I've visited her Etsy shop many times making mental shopping lists! I love these little pin cushions, I think this technique is called Cathedral Window, whatever it's called it's gorgeous!
I've gots ta get me one of those :)
Hope you're having a great weekend, my buddy, my pal!

Erin said...

I have some of these. They are so cute.


Claudia said...

I love her work, too. I'm a big fan. I've had my eye on one of her pincushions and you just might have pushed me over the edge!