Friday, May 4, 2012


Hello, Sweet Friends. 

How is it that I still get just as excited to see a little leaf pop up through the earth as I did when I grew my first bean in a milk carton when I was four years old? 

The simple joy of it never gets old for me.

Well, I've been out working in the back garden most of the day... and now I'm beat.  But in a good way.  Have a wonderful weekend~



suzitee said...

Any new life is a miracle to behold, even the smallest sprout :) Sounds like you are having a very busy time in your garden. We are heading into Winter which I am really looking forward to... the heat of our Summer was almost unbearable.
Have a wonderful weekend xxx

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love watching things sprout too. My sweet pea seeds are popping up left and right in their pots. Rainy days lately, but sunny this weekend and hope to get a day in the garden in too. I agree a day in the garden is tiring, such a good way to spend time!

dosierosie said...

your not alone, there is something so exciting about seeing so satisfying about growing your own plants.

Tracey said...

I remember my first attempt at growing something, it was in an egg carton. Love sweet memories like these.
love me :-)

Kathi said...

I get excited to see sprouts too! Guess it's time to plant some sunflowers? :D

I really love your salad bowl. I think I will make one for my daughter. She would love it. :D

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

Marlene said...

It's magic to watch plants grow, spring is so full of promise, even as this year it's dragging it's feet.

Perfectly Printed said...

love your salad bowl!! What a great idea!! It is rewarding working in the garden! I just found your blog and am your newest follower!!
best chris

Susanna said...

ooohh... those look like sunflowers! :D
We planted some seeds at school with out 1st graders, hey've been well impressed at how fast beans grow.

Lisa Leggett said...

Well look at that darling little spout! He's popping out into the world to say hello and make your garden pretty! It was so nice to tour the 'little nest' garden this weekend, and of course see my pal Haggie. It looks great back there, Jill, all that hard work is paying off. Garden tired is the best kind of tired.