Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Vintage Finds...

I thought that I'd post some fun finds that I've found over the last few weeks. I've been having too much fun!

I fell in love with the vintage lamp immediately! It was in a shop at a nursery up in the foothills, believe it or not. It was love at first sight. I knew that I could find several spots around the house for it.

I also found these sweet little pottery pieces at some antique shops-- love the blues and greens. I just love the sweet raised flowers on the sides. (Just click the photo to see it up-close.) The tiny white ceramic basket was only 50 cents! It will be joining my little white pottery basket collection that is still in a box in my garage somewhere. Someday, when I have unearthed my collection I will share photos of it with you.

I found this print(?) at a street fair a couple of weeks ago... I just love the soft lines and colors. Oh, and the frame---looooove it!

This is a close up (sorry for the blurry photo- still learning this new camera!) of this aqua/robin's egg blue pottery piece. It's an interesting shape. I'm not exactly sure what it is, except I do think it may be an egg poacher. I saw something similar in a magazine, and that's what they called it. Whatever it is, I love it!
...and this I call, "Happy Tax Return to Me"--- a little splurge, but you guessed it-- I love it. It reminds me of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. I'd never seen a pewter teapot in that shape. It's pudgy and sweet. I must have picked it up and held it a zillion times in the past few weeks. The last time I was at the shop, I told myself it was "A Sign" that it was still there waiting for me. Have any of you received any of those "signs" ever? (Come'on-- fess up!) I receive them far more than I should ever admit. Although, let me just say, there are "signs" that I have passed up that I regret to this day.

So, my advise for today is "Don't pass up A Sign." Especially when it's biting you in the butt. Ah, I do have my poignant, profound moments, don't I?



Tallulah Belle said...

What beautiful pieces...I love the colors.

That teapot is amazing. A worthy little splurge :-)

There are only 2 thrift stores near me and they are both rubbish :-(

Claudia said...

Everything is great - but that lamp! Oh my gosh! Gorgeous.


Teresa said...

I love all the gorgeous shades of blue. Isn't it fun to get it all home and line it up for show and tell? Great finds!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Jill! I love all the pretty blue treasures you found and the Cinderella's pumpkin shaped silver teapot is sooo cute!!! I totally do the "meant to be" thing! And the "signs" thing, too! When I shop with my mom we always say if there is two of something and we both liked it, it was meant to be and we would both buy one! lol!

Connie said...

Love all your treasures...especially the turquoise little bowl...so sweet!

Kathi said...

Beautiful things you found! I love that lamp and the pottery! Such pretty colors - my favorites!

Debbie said...

Jill the little bowl with the handle is a soup bowl. The handle is to help you tip the bowl to get the last spoonful from the bottom. My parents had an earthenware set of soup bowls the same shape as this.
Love the Tea Pot xxx

Kim said...

Love it all, but that lamp is fantabulous!!! I've passed up a "sign" and still kick myself for it- one of those vanity mirrors with 3 sides that sits on top of your vanity- in perfect condition for $25. I had already spent too much for the day and even though I kept picking it up, I put it back. Now I've seen the same thing 3 or 4 times on the internet for $75 and up. I agree wholeheartedly- it it feels like it belongs to you then you should just go for it :) Have a super day Jill!!!

Jo said...

Oh, what lovely colours, they all look so pretty together too! I have learned not to ignore a sign either - a beautiful ornate mirror I had my eye on became mine when I noticed a tiny crack in the frame and asked if the store would discount it - they did - by 35%! I love the tiny white basket, so sweet ;-)

Tallulah Belle said...

Dear Jill

Thank you so very, very much for your donation

I am so touched by the generosity of people here.

Don't worry about the 2 comments...I just published the one. I do the approval thing as there was so much spam going about at one time :-)

If you do want another entry you can blog about it or pop it on facebook. I am doing this to get as many people as I can to see it.

Thank you again xxx

Anonymous said...

oh I am so loving the 'blurry' blue/aqua pottery piece! it's great!

happy thrifting!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

What beautiful finds. I love those colors...you really were blessed with all these goodies. Good for you! Love the teapot and the shape...it is a wonderful find!
Happy Day!

Olivia~ said...

oh yes, this cinderella teapot is to die for , i would splurge on this any day. You have to stop by and say hi, i am giving away a pillow for fun and we have similar bloggy templates, i am new so bear with me.

Lisa Leggett said...

Ooooh, I might have to kidnap that lamp from you! What a beauty!! I too follow the signs... I'm really trying not to impulse buy any more, but if I really want something, and can manage to walk away from it I've done good... BUT if I go back, and it's still there, and I still really want it, I get it. It's a sign that it was waiting for me!

I love the new teapot Jill, it reminds me of Cinderellas carraige too. Pudgy is the perfect word. Have you had any tea out of it yet? I've never had tea out of pewter, I was just wondering if it changed the flavor of the tea like metal sometimes can...

SO~ what were you doing up in Sonora, just goofing around? I like it there, lots of good shops to meander through :o)

Have a great weekend!