Monday, June 7, 2010

Ahhh, How Sweet!

My bloggy friend, Lisa of the fabulous blog, A Cuppa Tea With Me bestowed this sweet award to me a little while back. I met Lisa through the Stitchalong group-- she's an incredibly talented blogger with great style, a great sense of humor, and a great love for her Vespa! Please tootle' on over to her blog to take a peek at her fabulousness!

As a recipient of this award, I am to share ten things you may not know about me. Well, here I go-- some of these may be repeats of the last award questionnaire, so hope I don't bore you!

1. I was born into a fairly large family-- I have 4 siblings-- three older brothers and one younger sister. When I was little I wanted to be an "only child". Really, I did. As an adult I am so thankful I'm not. My siblings were my first friends, and will always be my dearest.

2. I'm a native California girl. Born and raised in the Central Valley, just 40 minutes south of Sacramento. I've lived in other states, and even in another country (Japan, for about a year and a half) but my heart has always led me back home to the golden state. I love that both the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra's are just a couple hours away.

3. I bought my first home last summer... and I love it. It's always been a dream of mine to own "a little piece of the planet". It took me a long time to get to the point in my life where I felt secure with the big jump. I have to admit, as a single gal-- I'm pretty darn proud of myself. It's been quite the journey to reach this goal that was just a dream for so long. Just goes to show-- you've gotta' start with a dream.

4. I'm a Gleek. I love the television show, Glee. My favorite character, you ask? Kurt, of course. The kid is hilarious and he can sing. I jumped on the Glee Wagon a little late, so I became a fan when I heard him sing "Defying Gravity" (from "Wicked") with Lea Michele. Goose bumps. Total goosebumps. (Here's his solo version.) Did you know that he originally tried out for the part of Artie (the guy in the wheelchair)? The producers didn't think he fit any of the roles, but they loved him-- so they created a role just for him. Amazing.

My favorite episodes? It would have to be the episodes where they sing Lady Gaga (loooved their rendition of "Bad Romance") and when they sang Madonna songs. I sang along like a big nerdy Gleek. Loud.

Okay, now that I've written two paragraphs about my big love (oh, that's another fave) for Glee, let's move on...

5. I love all kinds of music. I don't like to pigeonhole myself into any one kind. I love everything from smooth jazz and classic rock to Lady Gaga and Vintage Madonna. Oops. I should say "early Madonna". Sorry Madge.

I know, to look at me (or my blog) you might not think Lady Gaga... not that I look like some school marm (OMG, do I?!) or little old church lady or anything. You'd probably think, "But Jill likes vintage Spode -- how could she like Gaga?" It's the dance beat, baby.

6. I love my dog. Oh, you knew that? I can't imagine why. My Hagrid Jack Patrick is going to be three in September. You may remember Haggie's birthday party last year.

I think we'll have a quiet celebration this year.

7. I love the airport. I get a rush as I drive into the airport. I think it's the anticipation of the adventure, the journey... and just gettin' outa' town. I love to people-watch. Where are they going... what's their story... oooh, he's kinda' good-lookin'...

8. I'm in my early 40's and I love it. I really like myself, and who I'm turning out to be. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a "comfortable in my own skin" kinda' way. I'm experiencing a contentment that I never achieved in my 20's (ugh) and my 30's (oh, the lessons learned). That's it-- the keyword is contentment. It's a great place to be. Oh, and please don't misunderstand me-- I know there's much more growth ahead... I hope to keep growing and evolving throughout the rest of my life. It's called living.

9. I don't cook much... and I'm okay with that. (Carrie Bradshaw doesn't cook much either.) I do like to bake--although when I bake, I eat. Therefore, no baking lately.

10. I love to read. I can easily close myself off from the world and read during my entire lunch break, after work, or all weekend. I've been that way since I was a little girl. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd tell them "a ballerina" or "a writer."

Now, when people ask me what I'd like to be (if I could be anything) I reply, "A princess." Complete with a Petit Trianon, thank you very much.

Well, I hope that you've learned something new about me-- and aren't overwhelmed by all my hyperlinks! I've had a lot of fun with this post, and I hope you enjoyed it. Now, I'm suppose to pass the torch to 10 bloggers out there. This is the difficult part for me-- You all have such beautiful blogs-- so I'm passing this award on to any of my bloggy friends out there who are fellow Gleeks. Have fun!



Claudia said...

I always love discovering more about you, Jill. Thanks for sharing this with us!


Lisa Leggett said...

Ok woman, you've got me blushing over here! Youre such a sweetie~pie! Thank you for saying such nice things about me Jill... I think you're pretty much the bomb too!

So! I think we really will have to meet in "real life" soon, we have so much in common! Where to begin...

California! Same thoughts sister... my husband and I are thinking of moving to WA, and while the idea excites and scares me, I secretly wonder if I'll ever be able to stay away from these valley vineyards...

Congrats on your home, Jill! That's a biggie!

I'll admit, I haven't seen Glee yet, but I sure am intrigued. I watched the Vogue video on Perez Hilton (hello, guilty pleasure) and it was "amazeballs"... Just for you, I'm going to give it a shot. And I TOTALLY understand your love of a variety of music, I'm the same way! Spastic and hyper They Might Be Giants one moment, subtle and sophisticated Michael Buble the next, followed by some tasty Foo Fighters jams... I like it all. Whats not to like? I'm not down with the pigeon hole either.

Is this comment getting a little long? Anyway...

Haggie! How could anyone *not* love a big, furry, slobbery face like that?

Your love affair with books, ah yes. I'm there often. I could happily sit next to another contented reader and not say more than "would you like another cuppa?" all day. That's a luxury. Mostly I also cram in a few pages here and there whenever I can.

I knew I liked you, Jill. You're my kinda gal! Oh, and I love all the hyperlinks!! Great post!


The TinCan Cottage said...

Hi, this is bozo again..."D, soory, I just realized a was looking at the gals name above the comment I was leaving for you Jill, I do know your name...Sorry...Will you still be my friend...even though I'm a Bozo :D...anyway, Have A Good One!


suzitee said...

You and I have lots in common Jill! I'm a little bit of a Gleek (just caught the bug recently)...but I have to admit that Finn is my favourite!
Are you "counting your blessings"? I noticed Amy has shelved sad. I so enjoyed the 39 squares project!