Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Nesting in Process...

It's been busy around here since I returned from spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. Actually, it's been busy around here for several weeks, but now (after a good house-cleaning) I'm finally able to do some of the "fun stuff". I usually try to decorate just before I go to Thanksgiving, so that I can come home to a festive "Christmas House". That just didn't happen this year~ but I'm catching up now!

I love "Christmas Nesting" here in my little home. I've always loved decking the halls~ even when I was living in a teensy tiny studio apartment. It doesn't take much to bring a festive spirit in. It's amazing what a strand of white lights can do for a tiny-but-charming little apartment. Why, oh why didn't I take photos back then?? I have such sweet memories of that silly, endearing little apartment!

Anyway, I'm hoping to share some photos of my "Christmas House" after I'm more fully nested~ please stop by and visit again soon!



Claudia said...

For so many years when I was teaching and living in an apartment, I wouldn't decorate because I would go home to my parents for a 3 week break at Christmas.

Then when I moved to San Diego, I bought an artificial tree for the first time. I could decorate it and leave it up while I traveled back to Michigan. Then I met Don and, well, its been a real tree and vintage decorations ever since.

Are you going to take photos of your newly adorned house?


Tracey said...

Welcome back. Can't wait to see photo's of your beautiful home, all chrismassy.

sophia said...

I can't wait to see your "Christmas House"...I just know it'll be brilliant. I hope you get some good rest...bc the holiday bustle is about to start again! Yeehaw! :D