Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Inspiration... I Just Can't Help Myself!

The fabulous, sweet, and inspiring Amy Powers has published her Holiday Issue of Inspired Ideas (an e-magazine), and I couldn't be more excited!! Amy's blog, Inspire Co., was the very first blog that I ever, ever read... ever. She was the incredible springboard for meeting my miniaturist, stitchy and crafty bloggie friends.

My world has never been the same since.

I love her sweet, whimsical style, and I always leave her blog with a happy heart. This e-magazine is no exception. Every craft project is so fun, that I could hardly breathe as I looked at each page. Well, I did breathe, because a person has to breathe in order to squeal.

So, go ahead... take a peek. It will make your heart happy.



Susanna said...

You and me both... :D

Into Vintage said...

Thanks for sharing - it's a beautiful & inspiring magazine! As is Amy's blog... :-)

The French Bear said...

Oh my, how fabulous!!! I shall check it out!!
Margaret B

Tracey said...

I am off now to check it out. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I am glad you like it.
love me :-)

kimsminiatures said...

Thank you Jill. This is so wonderful. You are always so sweet. Hugs~ Kim

Carey said...

Hi Jill,
I have just started blogging after a few months of taking care of some family issues. Your post could not have said it better about how I feel about your blog. Your blog always makes me smile and makes me feel inspired. I have the same interests as you. I think you are so creative and can tell you are a profectionist. Love the pictures of your neighbors front porch and garden . Would love to live in that house. Anyway I am glad to be back and have missed following you.

heidi said...

Hi Jill!
Same here....Amy's blog was the first blog I'd read (that I remember as a BLOG I wanted a part of!)! Here "Inspired Ideas Christmas" is wonderful!
Hugs, Heidi

suzitee said...

Amy's 39 squares project is where I "met" you, and many other lovely will always have a special place in my heart. Love that she's producing an online inspiring :)

Dawn said...

I will definately check out her blog and e-zine. It sounds wonderful and I could use some inspiration!

I did move the man-chair but it's back where it started. He's lucky I love him 'cause it should be hauled to the curb! He's promised will replace it with a new one but as of yet he has no inclination to go shopping!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Sweetie Pie! Ooh, that does look like a good book! She looks very familiar...I think maybe I'm following Amy???, I have to go check. I don't know if I'm coming or going half the time these days! It's been like this for a year now. Grrrr! Thanks for looks like such fun! Have a great rest of the weekend!
xo Paulette ;)

Lisa Leggett said...

This is the neatest Jill! So many good ideas, so little time! Thanks for sharing, I probably would have missed this.

Oh, and that Cath Kidston catalog? Yeah... it's covered in drool, mine! Everything is fabulous. I like the little wishlist on the inside, cept it's not big enough. I just want one of EVERYTHING!

Oh, I'm having a "Fabulous Mystery Giveaway"! Pop on over and check it out!