Monday, March 29, 2010

No More Tangles

When I was a little girl, my mom braided my hair everyday. And when I say everyday, it was everyday. I have naturally curly hair, and in the '70's that just wasn't proper in my mom's eyes. She didn't want me running around like one of those hippies with frizzy hair. In her defense, there just weren't any good hair products back then. It was Johnson's No More Tangles and Dippity- Doo. We went through bottles and bottles of Johnson's No More Tangles. After detangling, she would brush my hair with the pink brush (from Avon, or Fuller Brush), wetting the brush under the faucet between brushing. Sometimes she would put Dippity-Doo on my bangs and tape them down with that old-fashioned pink tape. After they would dry, she'd peel the tape off. Needless to say, my bangs would go boing into a wavy, frizzy mess within minutes. She tried her darnedest. The one good thing about having the curly hair though was that at the end of the braid, after putting the hair thingies in (we called them "baubles"-- they were those elastics with marbles on the end) she would wet the pink brush again and brush my hair around her fingers again for instant ringlets.
In this square, I tried to capture my two braids as I wore them as a little girl. Although I didn't do the ringlets on the ends, I still love how it turned out. Oh- and that necklace I'm wearing? It's one of those candy necklaces that get all sticky and leave a rainbow of colors on your neck-- because let's face it, those little candies didn't last long once you started tasting them! My little sister and I loved wearing those!

Okay, no story for this square... just a random pattern. I've just been calling it a "fishnet pattern".

You know I love rickrack by now. I saw a similar square in the Flickr group and thought I'd try to duplicate it somewhat.
A pink tiara with some sparklie beads-- 'cuz I love me some sparkle! I've never been in or won a beauty pageant, but I can appreciate a good tiara when I see one. I bought one when I turned forty-- because I realized I could. I use to make every friend who walked in the door wear it for a picture. It was so cute to see their expressions when they put it on-- it's like, kinda' magical in an inner-child, little girl kinda' way. A little felt heart-- I've been dyin' to stitch a blanket stitch! I love blanket stitching-- it's so fun, and looks so finished! I tried to do a little scandinavian-ish pattern inside, in tribute to the Danish roots on my mom's side.
Well, I'm still behind but I feel like I've made some headway. I'm loving this project. It's been so fun, and I've got to tell you-- your comments totally make my day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Trying to Catch Up...

I was excited to be able to do some stitching this past weekend, and I enjoyed every minute of it! This first square says "possibility". "Possibility" is such a powerful word, and has a special place in my heart. To learn more about why I feel this way, click here. It all started with this artist/blogger, and I will forever be thankful for her inspiration.

I just had to stitch a little chandelier! This one is inspired by the chandy over my kitchen sink.

Okay, you knew it was coming... a Hagrid-inspired square! This is my stitched Haggie...

And this is my real Haggie!

And this is Haggie-who-needs-a-bath. I took this the other morning. Yes, he's spoiled. Yes, he's even allowed on the bed when he's dirty. In my defense, just look at that face. Is he not the cutest? Okay, I just love my boy.

Okay, another random pattern. I didn't want to use up all my best ideas in the first two rows, so I've been sprinkling in these "random pattern squares" throughout my sampler. This one could use a little more pizazz, I think. Maybe I'll add some tiny little beads? Ticking stripes? It just looks unfinished to me.
This square is inspired by my love of gardening, and vintage watering cans. Up until January, I was running a therapy garden that you can read about here. I really miss gardening with my therapy gardeners. It really was a great experience. On the brighter side, now that I have a house with a yard, I can dedicate more energy to my own little piece of the planet. Spring has sprung, and there's definitely some gardening to be done here on the home front!
Well, I hope that you've enjoyed this little update. (Those of you who are new to my blog may have even learned more about me!) I'm still a few squares behind, but I've got some fun ideas brewing! Please stay tuned...


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling Lazy...

...So I stitched a Lazy Daisy! I think it needs a little bumblie bee buzzing around it, don't you?
... And this is my "J"-- with a rose vine winding it's way around. It didn't come out exactly how I envisioned, but it will do.
Speaking of things coming out not quite as I envisioned-- I'm in the process of ripping out the next two squares. I'll try and show "before & after". All I can say is that lettering is very difficult for me to stitch! I'm determined to stitch it though, because the theme of the squares has special meaning to me! Stay tuned...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Square #11... Happy Spring!

Just a sweet little bluebird of happiness atop a spring blooming tree. This one may be my favorite... so far. I might add a little tiny music note above his little beak. The border on this one came out a little wonky, but hey-- it adds to the charm, right?!

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments-- they mean a lot to me. This project has been so fun and I'll be kind of sad when it eventually comes to an end. (Don't worry, it will be a while longer!) A friend of mine asked me what I'm going to do with my sampler when I'm done stitching. I told her that some people will frame theirs, or make them into a pillow. I have a different idea though... and it will be a surprise! (Shhhh! Keep it a secret, Krista!)


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Squares #8, 9, 10...

I loooove a good cup of coffee in the morning... with hazelnut creamer, of course!
Another random pattern. These are really fun. I just never know how it's going to develop. I start stitching here and there, and then.... viola! I've got a cute square!

Now, you all knew this was coming... a little tribute to my little blog! This one was really fun to stitch, and I love how it turned out.
Well, I've got to get going to work... hope you all have a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Squares #5, 6, & 7...

My little house...
Home, and a little pink flower...

...And more pink flowers! I'm having so much fun with this project! I can't wait to stitch my next square!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Okay, I Can't Wait Any Longer...

I've got to show you my squares for "39 Squares"! First, I measured and drew my squares. Amy chose to do 39 squares in honor of her upcoming birthday, but I'm going for 40 squares. I'm not 40, it just turned out this way. Then the fun began...
My first square--- well, my second version of my first square. I ripped out my first version because it was... well, it was not going so well. I hadn't embroidered since the time I was a Girl Scout in grade school. As you can see, I just picked up where I left off. In other words, it looks like a kid embroidered this. Oh well, I'll just call it "rustic" and it's all good.
I was afraid of using all my best ideas in the first week, so I decided to split it up with this random stripe pattern. I don't know what this stitch is called, but after looking at some other work, I see that I had the basic idea but I didn't technically do it correctly. Oh well, it looks rustic, eh?
Okay, now we're having some fun!! I love the french knots. In fact, I think that I'm addicted to making them. I think I like them because they have the word "french" in the name, and I can pretend to be french when I'm stitching. Ooooh, la la! Oui! Oui! Okay, that's all the french I know.
Square #4-- A cute ceramic button with some lattice going on. Oh, and more french knots!

And here's a look at it all together! I'm lovin' this project-- I've been stitching during American Idol. It's just too fun! When this project is over, it's going to be hard to watch television without having something to stitch. Well, I hope you've enjoyed a peek at my squares. I'm off to stitch now...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Safe & Sound...

Rosanna's giveaway gifts finally made it to her home in Italy! I ended up adding some extra goodies to the package, so pop on by Rosanna's blog to take a peek!