Saturday, June 6, 2009

My therapy garden...

I have a great career... I do occupational therapy. I'm lucky that in one of the settings I work in, I have a therapy garden. It's a wonderful therapy modality to treat standing balance, fine motor coordination, and cognitive skills. I'm really blessed to work with wonderful participants who have various levels of abilities. It's great to see them blossom just the same as the garden itself! So, anyway-- I'll take you on a little tour!
As you can see, we have raised planter beds. This enables people who are in wheelchairs, or have back or balance problems to be able to participate.

These are "Shirley Poppies"... they're one of my favorites. They remind me of crepe paper flowers! They re-seed themselves every year. They look pretty weedy until they actually bloom, but the payoff is great when they do bloom!

Can you believe how tall these sunflowers are?! They're taller than the awning! We've planted various bell peppers on the front row... and nasturtiums too. I love to mix flowers in with the veggies.
Here's a close-up of a flower pot... petunias, Marguerite daisies, and salvia.

And here's a close-up of our tallest sunflower... the variety is called "Mammoth".

...And here's some more sunflowers. I think this variety is called "Autumn Sunset" or something like that.

...More "Shirley Poppies"... with a zinnia hiding in the back.

...And of course, some lavender. Oh! You can't really see in the pictures, but we have about five heirloom tomato plants, a zucchini plant, and a pattipan squash plant. We also have a variety of fruit trees. I'll update you with some photos, as things start to really produce.
Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed my little tour! Have a wonderful weekend!


MiniMadWoman said...

What a wonderful garden! And what a wonderful thing you do! I've always believed that a garden can having healing properties . . . both physcially and mentally!

Thanks for sharing!

Sassy M said...

What a beautiful garden!! :)

rosanna said...

Lovely garden and lovely blog. Thank you for stopping at my place. Your house is so pretty, I do not even have one.

Claudia said...

A wonderful way to help the healing process. My sister is an Occupational Therapist, too, and I admire the work you both do!

Anonymous said...

oh my god! such a beautiful place to work! and are those sunflowers REAL?!! they look SO perfect!!!
and wow...are you allowed to take home some of the produce?

Jill said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments! Yes, I do get to take home fresh produce. My stomach turns when I have to buy a store-bought tomato. Nothing beats freshly picked off the vine! I try to spread the love though-- it's great to see the participants walking or wheeling proudly through the center with a giant zucchini under their arm!
I'd encourage everyone to try growing your own produce-- even if all you have is a balcony! I like to buy (things I don't grow)at the local farmer's market in the summer. It's good to support our local farmers!

MiniKat said...

What a gorgeous garden! And I love how it's made so everyone can play. Just wonderful! :-)

Kim said...

This is amazing- beautiful and useful. I like to mix veggies and flowers too :)
Thank you for sharing with us- what a wonderful thing to include in therapy!

Tallulah~Belle said...

Beautiful photos and what a lovey and inspiring place to work.

I just started growing my own veggies a few weeks ago..only tomatoes and peppers but it is a start.

Anonymous said...

the garden reminds me of my Oma's garden, at least a corner of it -- she lived in Germany and had a pretty incredible veggie garden, and a back field that had flowers with little paths etc ... so os pretty, and so much like yours. I especially love the poppies