Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meet Meg...

You probably recognize Meg from my profile-- yes, that is not a picture of me on my profile! Meg likes to garden, just like me. In fact, at any given moment you can find her carrying a pot of flowers. Actually, it's not just because she loves gardening-- the pot is actually glued to her hand!
Here's Meg in her kitchen. Looks like she needs to water that pot of flowers!
Here's a better look at the right side of her kitchen-- don't you love that red kitchen step-stool-chair? My friend, Kathy, gave it to me for my birthday last year and I LOVE it!

Meg likes to bake peanut butter cookies! If you look super, super close you can see the fork marks on each cookie! Marsha from Sassy Mini Dolls surprised us with this peanut butter cookie baking set that she made. Meg says, "Thank you, Marsha!".
Oh- and don't you just love Meg's cropped pants and cute sandals? That was the clincher when I was trying to chose a resident for the little pink house. I thought, "She actually dresses like me!"
I think she's a great fit for the little pink house. Meg does think that she needs children in her home, so I'll be bringing her some little ones soon.
I hope you are all having a good week. I'm in the process of buying a people-size home... waiting for the seller to approve my acceptance of the counter-offer! I'm very excited... and a little anxious. I'm a first time home buyer (at 42 years old!) and this has been a goal of mine for so long. So far, it's been a good experience. Amazing things falling into place at just the right time. I feel really blessed.
Well, I must go now... but I'll be back tomorrow to welcome my new followers!
Mini hugs!


Sassy M said...

Hi neighbor! Meg is right at home!! I saw that red chair/stool at Bearly Big Enough and was tempted to buy it . . . . :)

MiniKat said...

I think Meg is fantastic! Lover her sandles to. :-)

Susanna said...

She's so cute.
And talented too.. don't know if I'd managed to bake AND garden at the same time ;)

Kim said...

I love that red stool- I want one so badly for my real house, but there is absolutely no room! Congrats on your real house- I am sure your seller will approve your acceptance of the counter offer! How exciting!!

Jill said...

Hey Kim! I bet you could fit a red stool into your studio! You could even paint it aqua/turqoise! Wouldn't that be a great color?

Jill said...

Oh Kim, I thought you were Kim from Campwhimsey.typepad ! Ooops! Anyway, thanks for the encouragement on my house offer. I appreciate you and all my other friends that have been so encouraging throughout this process. It means a lot to me to know there are so many positive thoughts being sent my way. :)

Liberty Biberty said...

Thanks for the welcome Jill! Meg has a beautiful kitchen!

Saucy said...

Your dollhouse is scrumptious! I need a kitchen reno. Just like my real kitchen... I will keep you "posted."