Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Cozy Christmas Cottage

Okay, so my home is not a "real cottage", but it's little, and it's cozy. I find that if I refer to it as a cottage it makes me feel like this 1044 sq. ft. home is small-but-charming, not just... well, small. (Did that even begin to sound like it makes sense?!)
Today I'm joining Claudia over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage for "Defending The Small House, No. 5: Christmas Decorating in a Small House". Please click on over to her blog to check out her beautiful cottage and some fun links to more!

First of all, I've got to tell you... these are not very good photos. These were my "practice photos". I'm having trouble loading the final photos that I shot today. I've taken multiple photos all over the house, at several different times of the day because I've got such strange lighting and angles to contend with here.

Above is my dining room, which shares a double-sided (hello, 1988) fireplace with the living room. My house is kind of funny... if you were to stand at that window in the back of the photo and look toward the fireplace, you would be able to see the living room, dining room, kitchen, entry, and hallway... all at the same time. Oh, and if the door is open in the hallway, you could see into the guest room also!

I've made some changes since the time I took these photos. The chairs around the table now have pine boughs tied to them with red ribbon. Oh, how I wish I could load those photos!

I really haven't purchased any new decorations this year except that little jar of flowers on the left, and the fresh cut pine garlands and wreaths. The house smells soooo good! Don't you love the smell of fresh cut pine?! Oh-- and I know... the table runner and topper need to be pressed. Meh...I don't feel like it, and I have other things I'd rather do. And I have too much stuff piled on my ironing board anyway.

This little snow scene jar is one of my favorite little decorations! I've had it for years, and it's been displayed in my 680 sq.ft. apartment, the duplex, and now my little home. I have a little thing for snow scenes with little white churches or cottages in them. This sweet scene was created by the amazing Ruth at The Homestead, in Old Town Elk Grove. She hand created the little glittery white paper church, and embellished the vintage jar with vintage findings. I actually purchased this from her long before she even had her own store. Ruth is one of the most creative people I know. Her store is so darling--and so is she and her husband (of over 50 years!)Bob. Cute cute cute!

This is my fireplace mantle. The silver and red mercury glass is back this year. The silver never really left. I just add red pieces for Christmas/Valentine's, and aqua for Spring/Summer. This year I added the pine garland. I think it would be really pretty with some snow on it, don't you? Maybe next year...

This is a view from the living room side of the fireplace. I absolutely love this bunting and table runner (on coffee table) made from vintage Christmas tablecloths by the fabulous Amy from Into Vintage. Don't you just love the candy stripe binding?!

This photo was taken from my favorite cozy spot on the sofa. The chair in the corner was discovered at a consignment store and slip covered by moi. The coffee table was purchased at a garage sale. I wanted something that's not fussy... and that I could put my feet on. I'm all about cozy comfort here.

Okay, check out the pillows here... the snowman pillow was purchased in San Diego (actually, on Coronado) years ago when I vacationed with girlfriends one Christmas. Oh, the fun and crazy memories we made there... don't you love things that bring back fun or special memories?

Okay, now check out the red snowflake pillow. It use to have pom pom trim around all of the edges... until I adopted a little fluffy puppy about four years ago. The dog-who-shall-not-be-named nibbled the pom pom trim down to nubs. For some reason, I just can't part with that pillow though, or even repair it. At least I didn't save his baby teeth, eh?

Well, thanks so much for stopping by to visit! I've enjoyed sharing a little bit of the Christmas cheer around here. Hopefully I'll be able to download more photos soon. Yes, there's more... the kitchen, the bathroom (yes, that is what I said), the entry, and the front courtyard. I do love a little bit of merry Christmas around here. Now that I'm pretty much finished decorating, I'm looking forward to having family over this weekend-- and hopefully finishing my Christmas shopping! I hope that you, too, are enjoying this fun and festive season! Merry! Merry!



Anonymous said...

Hello Jill,

I love your fireplace mantel and your dog is adorable! Oh the joys of trying to get great pictures. My photos all turned out too dark. Your little cottage/home is very charming.

Your favorite books are also my favorites. Gotta get ready for work but I'll be back to check out more.


happy little cottage said...

Merry Christmas Jill!! Your cottage is adorable! Everything is so festive and cozy, and I know it smells wonderful with the fresh pine!!

Claudia said...

Hi, my friend! Thank you so much for joining the party. I love your house - I know the fireplace is 80's, but I think it's charming!! And, hey, you have a fireplace, which makes me more than a little jealous. I love the mercury glass and your snow scene and that little devil, Hagrid the pom-pom eater! I love that boy - he is adorable.

Amy's bunting is just fabulous. She is so talented, with such a love of vintage fabric. I like everything she makes!

Your cozy cottage, yes, I'm officially naming it a cottage, is beautiful. Light a fire in that fireplace and enjoy the holidays!


Susy said...

Hi Jill. I came over from Claudia's MHC. You're cozy cottage is delightful ~ and I love the puppy peeking over the table! Merry Christmas.

suzitee said...

Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas treasures and stories, and just for the record...I LOVE little houses. We used to own a little white cottage on a hill overlooking orange orchards, and it was so quaint. Also loved that I could vacuum (hoover) the whole house without having to change power outlets LOL! You have so many beautiful Christmas touches around your home that I don't know where to begin, so I'll just tell you I love it all! Haggies stocking is too cute :) Bring on the bathroom shots!

Kim G. said...

Your house looks warm and cozy for the holidays! You are too cute. X, O and Merry, Merry.

Cozy Little House said...

Well, I'm all about cozy comfort here too! And I would definitely feel cozy in your house.

My Little Home and Garden said...

I don't think you need to worry about the quality of your photos! Your home looks friendly and inviting with all of the homey, personal touches.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Your decorations are adorable and so is your little cottage. I am a firm believer that cottage is a state of mind and style not architecture! I think your blog is adorable and will be following you now. Patty

Into Vintage said...

Your home looks so very charming & cozy and I love that little peek of your pom-pom-eating Hagrid -- what a sweetie!!

Wishing you all the best this holiday season. xo -amy

Anonymous said...

Hello Jill,

I responded to your comment but did so on my blog. I'm really not very tech savy when it comes to blogging.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a chandy party? I wonder if Claudia and Brenda have them in their homes? I looked aroung your blog and love, love, love it!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I think cottage suits your home, I've been there and it is cottagey :) Wonderful decorations, Jill!

I stopped in and saw Ruth today :)

Wishing you and your sweet boy a very Merry Christmas!


Lisa Leggett said...

Hello my friend! Everything looks just as sweet as can be. Your home is always warm and welcoming, and at Christmas the spirit and joy of your cozy cottage is doubled! I always love visiting the little nest, it's the best!

Kathi said...

How beautiful! Can I come over for some hot chocolate and s'mores made in the fireplace? :D

Vicky Lovejoy said...

Merry christmas Jill, your home is so beautiful.
vicky xxx