Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome To My Little Christmas Nest...

Okay, so it's no secret now that I love to decorate for Christmas. Did you know that I like to decorate outside as well?

No, I do not do outdoor lights like The Griswold's, but I do have a flamingo. It's pretty special. It has a hat. It's head moves. It's cord is carefully covered with strategically placed leaves. It's strongly secured to the ground with a cinder block. Yeah, I'm classy that way. Haggie seems quite smitten by her, doesn't he?

Every Christmas I hang my outdoor lighted garlands. They're battery timed, so I put them up there and they do the rest, like clockwork. Easy peasy. The wreath on the courtyard gate is the same. For the window and door, I purchase a fresh cut wreath from Costco. They're such a good deal, it's a no brainer. Although I have an artificial tree, I love the smell of fresh cut pine-- so this is how I get my fix!

Okay, this is my favorite Christmas decorating tip: visit your local Christmas tree lot and ask them if they have any branches they want to get rid of. Some people like to trim the bottom branches off their tree before they leave the lot. The guy at the tree lot I went to keeps a "free, help yourself" pile. I get free greens, and he doesn't have to cart them to the dump. It's a win-win. I like to snuggle the pine greens into my existing planters.

Even the fairy garden gets a little fluffed up with pine.

The front door to my little nest. Welcome! Please come in...

This is just inside the entry of my house, hence the picnic basket full of shoes. I love this old vintage dresser. It has lots of storage, and what little nest doesn't need more of that? I use to store my shoes in there when I came in the door, so they wouldn't be piled all over. However, I eventually found that I wanted to use the prime real estate in those drawers for other things.

A few of my favorite little things... I've always loved pine greens with red roses. Can you imagine how great this would smell if they were real?!

I love The Polar Express, and so I went nuts when I saw this Polar Express bell. It's an ornament, but I like to place it near the book. I love the story, and the graphics of the book and animation. One year I went to the 3-D version of the film at the Imax Theater downtown with friends. I loved the snowflakes...

I have this little Christmas pennant hanging on my lamp. My fabulous friend Debra made it, and I love it!

Okay, I know that you've seen this room(s) before, but I just need you to note the size of this room. Okay, now picture it with twelve people, a baby, and a large dog. That is what this room was like the other night when I had my family over. My family is much larger than twelve people, but not everyone lives near. Last night was the first time I've ever had my family over for a holiday celebration. I've always lived in tiny apartments, so it was impossible. It was really fun and special to have them over to my place during a holiday season... finally. I baked a bundt. (Isn't that just so retro/vintage? Hee hee! It was chocolate and I served it with toppings!)

Haggie loved that everyone came over just to see him. He was able to show off his new Christmas light bulb squeaky toy, and let my niece's adorable six month old baby boy sit on his back like a baby monkey on a pig's back. (We changed the words to the song... "baby Brennan, baby Brennan, riding on Haggie's back... Baby Brennan!) Ah, good times had by all at The Little Nest!



Tracey said...

what a darling post this was to read this morning, so cheerful and full of happiness.
OMG I think I need to get Lucy, our pooch and christmas light bulb squeeky thing... the only thing is she would eat it in about 10secs.
Glad you love my word... but you made me laugh out loud about "run" and "starve".
Have a wonderful, happy, merry christmas.
love me :-)

Kathi said...

Your little house and garden look so beautiful. :D
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

suzitee said...

Your decorating is absolutely gorgeous (as always) Jill, and it is your little touches that make it so special. I would've gone nuts over the Polar Express bell's perfect! Haggie looks so cute in his Christmas-y bandana, and I bet he loved receiving so much attention :)
Your outdoor decor leaves me a tad DH has a bad case of the bah-humbugs when it comes to decorating outside! Your little nest looks beautiful in it's Christmas finery...thank you for sharing xxx

Claudia said...

Your house is so lovely, Jill! I love the way you've decorated it - you have such a great eye. And by the way, that little turquoise lamp has my name on it. You're lucky I live so far away!


Lisa Leggett said...

Oh, everything looks just as pretty as a picture! I love all the garland outside, you're right it was the perfect touch! I also love it laying on your awesome plant stand. Wow, 12 people in the little nest! That must have been so awesome!

Kaplan Step 2 said...

your house is so beautiful decorated

but front door most beautiful decorated.