Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rosanna's Christmas Swap, Part 2

This is what I was able to put together to send to Kat. She's a very talented miniaturist, so I was a bit nervous! I made the cookies and milk for Santa-- however, I broke down and bought the beautiful stocking (I wish I could give credit, but I have no idea who made it). I thought the box of See's Candy was appropriate-- you see a lot of it around here (California) at Christmastime. I hope she liked these!


MiniKat said...

I love them! Especially the cookie tray! You see, I used to leave a carrot for the reindeer when I was little. Such happy memories there. :-)

I've never had See's candies, but I've heard so much about them. They are on my "to eat" list. Something to look forward to when I get to travel again. ;-)

Liberty Biberty said...

Gorgeous Jill!
Love that little Santa!

Kim said...

I love them Jill!! I was so nervous too-my partner is also so talented- but I am so glad I participated in Rosanna's swap- what fun it was!