Monday, December 28, 2009

Rosanna's Christmas Swap

Oh, how I love receiving surprises in the mail!! I received these wonderful mini's from Kate at The Whittaker's Miniatures in England. The wonderful tree is full of hand sculpted pink and white mini candy canes and lollipops! Incredible! I love the pink plate of yummy cookies for Santa! They look so real! And then there's the books! The fabulous books! They are all Christmas books that I love! I really do need to learn how to make mini books. I love mini books! Thank you so much, Kate. Your package was so fun to open (love the 1:1 chocolate!) and your mini creations were just absolute wonderful! They look right at home in The Little Pink House. It has been so exciting to receive something from a blogger that I've followed. I think it makes the world feel a little cozier. Thank you so much, dear Kate!


kathi said...

Hi Jill!
Your little gifts from Kate are so precious! I agree, receiving something from a blogger you've followed DOES make the world feel a little cozier!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Dear Jill, Im so glad you got it all safe and sound, was worried it would all break in the post as they can be so heavy handed with parcels and the candy is so fragile. So its lovely to see it all there and I hope your pink house loves it! It was a pleasure to make for you, and as I love to make girly pink things you were the perfect choice!
I had alot of fun with the books, one of my fav things to make too, albeit fiddly getting the pages remotely even he he! Have fun with it all. Happy New year, Kate xxxxx

MiniKat said...

Perfect pink Christmas for the pink house. :-)

Charlene said...

Jill, how cute your goodies are. I used to collect miniatures YEARS ago & hadn't thought of them in ages. Then I went to Claudia's blog & read about her doll house. Saw you listed on her sidebar & popped over for a visit. Isn't blogging grand being able to learn & visit so much! Have a Happy New Year! Charlene

The French Bear said...

How wonderful!!!Love the miniature things!!!
Happy New Year!!
Margaret B

Debbie said...

A wonderful swap Jill from our clever Kate. It was so nice to see all the fabulous swaps that went around the world.
I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year 2010..xx

Liberty Biberty said...

What a beautiful gift! That tree is just stunning!