Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fabulous Mystery Gift Revealed

Okay, those of you who follow my little world were probably wondering what the heck happened with that Fabulous Mystery Gift that I started back in the beginning of June. Yes. June. Well, it's kind of a crazy story. I had a bit of crafty drama. Simply put: grandiose idea, limited skills.

However, I did finish. Then I wrapped it. Then I sent it. Sooooo.... what was this fabulous mystery gift that I sent to Laurie at the fabulous blog, Magpie Ethel??
This! I started out creating an embroidered dish towel in my favorite color combo. That went smoothly. Then I embellished it with rickrack and pompom trim. That went smoothly. Well, then I decided that this towel just wasn't enough, so I decided to make the little house shown above in the left corner. This little house was going to be a pincushion. Yes, the roof was going to be a brilliant pincushion. It was going to be the pincushion of all pincushions, so cute that you would see it, gasp, and say, "Ohmygosh, that is the cutest pincushion I've ever seen. Jill is amazing." Well, you might not say the "Jill is amazing" part, but you get my drift.
Anyway, the brilliant project did not go as planned. Plan A did not work. Neither did Plan B. What you see is Plan E. I'm not joking here, friends. (I counted the attempts when I was cleaning up the debris.) After many attempts, resorting to the use of duct tape-- and yes, some bloodshed (darn those new scissors!)-- this is the result. It's not a pincushion, but it's cute. It's a .... doo-dad, knick-knacky thing. Yep, that's what it is.
Poor Laurie-- she waited so patiently as I worked on this project-- and then walked away from this project-- then worked on this project. She endured sneak peak teasing, and even lame excuses. Thankfully, Laurie is a sweetie... click on over and check out her post.
Thanks so much for being the sweetie you are, Laurie. Next giveaway, I really should have the prize ready prior to the drawing, with photo to prove it's existence.
However, it wouldn't be a Fabulous Mystery Gift-- and I love surprises.


Kathi said...

Jill, you are just too funny! You ARE amazing! Even if the little house is not a pin cushion, it is so cute! I know Laurie will LOVE it!
I love the towel too. Your stitching is so sweet!

Lisa Leggett said...

How cute! It turned out great Jill! Even if it's not a pin cushion, the polkadot roof is to die for! I went and read Laurie's post too, so cute & fun!

Thanks for the b-day wishes!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

It was sooo worth the wait and let me say...JILL IS AMAZING!
thanks again!

reneek said...

Lovely mystery. Cute, cute ,cute.

kimsminiatures said...

Lovely work Jill. Yes some surprises are just worth waiting for and yours certainly was. Laurie will be thrilled. Hugs~ Kim

Claudia said...

Jill, I saw this over at Laurie's blog. Just fabulous - you really created a present that suited her perfectly!


Kim said...

even if it's not a pincushion it is darn cute and the towel- to die for!! I will say it too....Jill is amazing!! I think this was well worth waiting for and as a bonus we all got to see the sneak peeks too- and it's been such fun! I'm going to go visit Laurie's blog now :)

sophiaaaa said...

Wow. WOW. How lucky is she?! You are so talented...and so sweet to take such time and effort to make that for her! What a thoughtful, sensitive gift!

Creative Breathing said...

Jill, I am so happy to know of the person behind the wonderful Mystery Gift. Charming beyond words, I am especially fond of embroidery that has a vintage feeling. Your tea towel and matching cottage are perfectly perfect! Elizabeth

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Jill! I love your darling little house and your embroidered towel is just adorable! What lovely gifts! Well worth the wait, for sure!!! xo Paulette

claudine hellmuth said...


thanks for your comment on my blog. I almost got the pink Quick Build too but then i thought i'd paint this house yellow with a red door! Love the way yours looks with the porch! Now I want a porch too!

Quick question - when you did the tape electrical did you then wall paper over top? how did you cover so it didn't show?

sorry to leave this all on your blog. I couldn't find your email!

Jill said...

Hi Claudine! Check your email for a message for me!


Storybook Woods said...

Oh that is wonderful, I love it. I have a thing for little cottages. Clarice