Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tea For Two

In a few weeks, I'm having some friends over for a tea party-- so I decided to do a little trial run on a smaller scale. I invited my dear bloggy buddy, Lisa over for tea and an afternoon of stitchin'. (We both love to embroider, and met through Stitchalong.)

I had so much fun preparing for this little tea get-together! I finally had the opportunity to set the table with some of my vintage Spode china and my candlewick creamer & sugar. I must admit, I felt like a little girl playing tea party. I even told Lisa that I felt like Anne of Green Gables preparing to have tea with her kindred spirit friend, Diana! (Those of you who have read the book, remember how excited Anne was?!) I experimented with a fun variety of finger sandwich combinations, and Lisa baked those wonderfully yummy apple spice scones. There were warm crumpets, and various sweets too. (Well, yeah-- of course! Gotta' have some sweets!)
It was fun to "fancy up" the table, but so fun to feel casual and unfussy at the same time. Lisa taught me how to make a "proper pot of tea", and it was wonderful!! (Thanks so much, Lisa!)
Oh, how I wish that I could have all my bloggy friends over for tea... wouldn't that be fun?!


Gemma (Gempo) said...

Hello Jill, congratulations for your table of tea is delicious, I understand you feel like a Anne of Green Gables, is a lovely book like your table. Best wishes

Claudia said...

Oh, Jill, your table is beautiful! I love, love, love that Spode china. You know those are my favorite colors. I just posted today about an embroidery sampler I'm working on by Rebecca Ringquist. She has a shop on Etsy. You might be interested in one.


Kim said...

Jill- what a gorgeous tea you have set up! I wish I could come have tea- I LOVE tea! If there are cucumber sandwiches too I would be in heaven...stitching, tea and cucumber sandwiches with a lovely friend, how could life be any better?

Lisa Leggett said...

This was such a nice afternoon, so relaxing! Can I just make a standing appointment at the Little Nest Tea Shop every Sunday for the rest of my life? Heehee... oxo~L

Anonymous said...

I love your tablescape. I too loved Anne & Diana. I went to tea with friends last Nov, they served Ham on raisin-bread, spread with a cream cheese/pineapple mixture. Yumm! And as a substitute for clotted cream they used Greek yogurt, vanilla or honey. This place has a collection of fun pots and cups and saucers. Every table a little different.What a fabulous time we had.

Kelee Katillac said...

I love it Jill! So vintage warm and charming-like you!

Lucky friends!

love, kelee

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

So pretty and romantic!


sophia said...

Jill, you can invite me over ANY time!! I've ALWAYS wanted a teat party, but alas, the only ones I've had were with plastic doll tea sets. :(

suzitee said...

Oh Jill...how divine! It is so lovely that you two have furthered your friendship from the 39squares project. I SOOOO wish I lived a little closer so I could come too :) (if you'd be so kind as to invite me, of course!) Your tea party looks gorgeous...and I love that china!

Elyse said...

oh, jill! what a sweet blog post. how fun to be able to get together for tea and yummy treats with a blogging friend.

everything on the table is so cheerful and sweet. i looove the zinnias! so adorable!


Red Head said...

I absolutly love hosting tea parties! I hosted one in June, for my son's teachers. He has special needs, and his teachers had worked SO HARD with him over the year. I just adore them and wanted to thank them. We had become close, so I felt comfortable asking them over. They still talk about it, they felt so special! (I posted about it over the summer on my blog, if you wanted to take a gander.)

I love your table decor, I'm sure your tea party will be a wonderful event!

Thanks for sharing!


Patty said...

Jill, Everything looks so incredibly inviting! I LOVE that china too and have always been drawn to anything that is pink and blue. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!!! Loved them!!

Beedeebabee said...

What a beautiful table, Jill, and the goodies looked so yummy! Everything was just perfect, and I'm sure you had fun with sweet Lisa! It's so nice that you two are so close, share the same interests, and have become such good friends! xo Paulette ;)