Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Lovely Day In The City By The Bay

Recently, Lisa (of A Cuppa Tea With Me) and I went to San Francisco for the Renegade Craft Fair! Give me any excuse to go to The City, and I'm so there! I love, love, love San Francisco.

This craft fair was held at Fort Mason down near the Presidio/Marina District. It was HUGE!!! Now, let me explain-- this wasn't "your granny's craft fair." It was very artsy and edgy. Not all of it was "my thing" but it was fun to see such diverse arts and crafts-- and meet people that are passionate about their art.

There was lots to see-- and lots to do, also. There was a hands-on crafting area where you could sit down and "get your craft on"! We made these mini buntings, and picked up some fun "freebies."

I have to admit, there wasn't a lot that I saw that I "just had to have", but I did find this beautiful pressed clay bird. It's by artist Sara Paloma-- this postcard really shows what most of her work looks like. It's really stunningly beautiful.

The craft fair was really fun, but I think I was even more excited to move along to our next stop. Okay, are you ready to see the next stop that day?? ((Squeeeel!!))

The Crown & Crumpet!!! I've wanted to go to this tea salon for quite a while, so when Lisa suggested it I was thrilled! It's located in Ghirardelli Square-- easy to find, and there's underground parking. (Expensive, but it was worth it, after walking around the craft fair all day!)
There was so much to look at! I had seen it in magazines and on various blogs, but it's even more fun to see through your own eyes. We were really lucky to be able to make last minute reservations, but I do suggest to make your reservations ahead of time.

Lovely, lovely, lovely... everything was so lovely-- from the silver to the custom teacups. I wish that I would have taken a picture of the center of the saucer under the teacup. Each saucer had a different quote or saying-- so cute!

We ordered the "Tea for Two"-- I'll try to refrain from singing the song. (It always reminds me of Jessica Lange's performance in "Grey Gardens".)

Everything was so wonderful... so charming!

Lisa and I loved all the tea sandwiches-- the chicken pesto was one of my favorites.

This tier held wonderful warm scones and crumpets, all of which we slathered with clotted cream, jam or lemon curd... yum! The scones were such melt-in-your-mouth yummy goodness!

Oh, and there wasn't a crumb left on this tier when we were done! The shortbread was my favorite, with the little blueberry tart coming in second. Okay, the chocolate truffles were yummy too. Okay, everything was delish!

The "Tea for Two" included two large pots of tea. We chose "Marie Antoinette" (that choice was a no-brainer!) and the "After Seven Fifty-Nine". I enjoyed both of them, but I loved the Marie Antoinette tea the most.
Don't you love the pink and white checkerboard floor? I loved the fabrics, colors and charm of the whole place. It felt very Cath Kidston.

There was a little girl's birthday tea party going on while we there. Those girls were so adorable, all dressed up in their sweet party dresses. (Hey Lisa-- let's wear party dresses next time! Giggle!) Oh- can you see The sofa? (You can barely see it in this photo.) When I saw The sofa, I felt like I had arrived. That adorable sofa is in every photo feature that I've ever seen of this place!
Photo by Lisa Leggett
Just a few random photos...
The Sofa! Umm, there was someone sitting on it and I didn't want to be an obnoxious blogger person-- so this is the only significant shot I got of it. I touched it though. Kind of like my friend touched Elvis' bed in Graceland-- but I didn't get reprimanded.

This cabinet was full of all kinds of fun creations...

I thought my miniaturist friends would enjoy this. It's so "Castle in the Air" (a store in Berkley).

I loved these little felt creations. You've got to check out the felt Marie Antoinette that Lisa photographed.
More for my "mini friends"...

... and some more...

The gift shop was so fun. I felt like a kid in a candy store!

Photo by Lisa Leggett

Photo by Lisa Leggett
Isn't this dress form adorable?!

Okay, with so much to choose from, what do you think I ended up bringing home with me?

This is what I brought home! I loved this little tea cup/snack tray set, and I had to bring home some of that wonderful Marie Antoinette tea. I fell in love with the light switch plate, the cupcake lip gloss, and the gnome necklace also! Too much fun!!

This is a close-up of the quote on the snack tray. Very sweet!

After we finished tea, we did some shopping and went down to the beach. The weather was wonderful-- I didn't even need a sweater. That's a fairly unusual thing in San Francisco!

It was so nice to kick back and relax at the end of the day. We gabbed and people-watched as we watched the sun edge down behind the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a wonderful day, well-spent with a wonderful friend! I'm so grateful that blogging has opened up the opportunity to discover special friends of like mind. Lisa, you are a kindred spirit! Anytime you want to go to The City, I am so there!!


Debbie said...

Fabulous Tea Shop Jill. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the pictures..xxx

Kathi said...

Wow Jill! Are you sure you did ALL of this in ONE day?! :D
Thanks so much for sharing your photos and story. It all looks wonderful!

Lisa Leggett said...

Hey Lady! What a great write up! Almost feels like I was there... oh wait, I was! Hahaha... I crack me up. I'd forgotten about the tea quotes on the saucers, that really is a cute touch. What a fun day this was!

Liberty Biberty said...

That tea shop is amazing! What an awesome place for a girls tea party!
What a fabulous day you had, thanks for showing us all the pics.

Tallulah Belle said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time.

I love going to SF...wish I could afford to live right there :-)

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Glad you made it to Crown and Crumpet. My jaw dropped when i went in that shop - so, so, totally a fun place. Loved all the great colors and just cuteness. The little cabinets you have pictures of inspired the ones that I built at my house. Would have loved to join you for tea!

kimsminiatures said...

Oh Jill........To say that I'm in love would be a understatement. Thanks so much for sharing so many wonderful pictures with us. Hugs~ Kim

Lynne said...

Ah, Jill, what a fun day in my favorite city! Katie and I celebrated her 18th at Crown and Crumpet a few weeks ago. Now it's our new favorite. ~We forgot !?! to go to Renegade- and there were fun make-n-takes! Loved your sweet mystery gift for Laurie.

sophia said...

Jill, I totally share your enthusiasm for San Francisco!!! ISn't it just the most wonderful city?! Terrific food...but I had no idea it had such pretty, adorable other things, too! Ah, the tea party is just too sweet! And all the other cute artworks!

Creative Breathing said...

Truly, the most wonderful shop I have ever seen! The very large stork in an early photo is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your day! Elizabeth

Beedeebabee said...

OH gosh, I loved reading AND seeing all that! That tea shop looked unreal! You guys are so lucky you got to enjoy it together, and thanks for sharing with the rest of us! xo Paulette

Anonymous said...

That tea shop looks pretty amazing. What a treat! I sent them a note asking how much the little snack sets are. I would love to buy a few sets for a gift. Glad you had fun!

Amy Dean said...

WOW Jill!!

I love your blog!! And I love that you wrote so many lovely things about our Tea Salon! And I love your photos! Thank you so much for writing about us!
We loved having you and your gal pal here for tea and hope that you can come back again someday soon!
Take care!
Amy Dean

Lisa Leggett said...

Amy Dean!! How awesome is that!! Let's go back again soon! I could die for another one of those heavenly warm crumpets!