Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can a person have too much aqua?

This doesn't look aqua to me in the photo, but it is. I just finished painting the main bathroom walls. No more dark green. I was going for a relaxing spa feel with this "A Charmed Life" color by Dutch Boy. This is the first time I've used Dutch Boy, and I won't know if I completely like it until tomorrow when I know it's totally dried. Right now, well, I'm trying not to panic. I see streaks and I'm hoping they'll be gone when it's dry! I've never had streaks before. Okay, breathe. It's paint. I can always do another coat if I have to...


Marsha said...

Hey, want to come over and paint our bathroom, LOL!!

We're using Dutch Boy in our bathroom room :)

I don't think we'll be painting this weekend with it being 100 on Saturday!!


Liberty Biberty said...

One can NEVER have too much aqua, you go girl!
The bathroom was the second room in our house to be painted, it was going to be aqua, however we had NO money and almost a can of beautiful buttery yellow paint left over from the spare bedroom (which a couple of years later became Liberty's bedroom) so the bathroom ended up yellow too. And as both rooms are on the dark side of the house I'm quite happy with the yellow.
Six years later we have an aqua master bedroom and it's glorious!

kathi said...

No, I don't think you can have too much aqua! I have an aqua kitchen and craft room and I love them both!
I even painted the outside of my house aqua! My dollhouse is aqua too! I'm sure your bathroom will look great.

The French Bear said...

How can you go wrong with a color called, a charmed life!!!!!!? I love it, I just did my bathroom like a spa and I love it!
You need to show pictures when it's all done!!!
Good luck!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

Please take a pic after you're done!
I'm sure it'll turn out great!

Jill said...

I painted second coat and now I like it! I've got the hardware back up on the wall now. I'll install the curtain rod tomorrow morning. Thanks for all your sweet comments... I will be sure to post pictures soon!