Sunday, August 9, 2009

A wonderful package from Italy

I received a wonderful package from Rosanna in Italy! I was lucky enough to win her giveaway recently! Everything was wrapped so sweetly-- it made me feel very special. I bet you're wondering what's inside, eh?!

Ta-da! Aren't they just wonderful?! It's been a dream of mine to own one of Rosanna's creations, and now my dream has come true! She created a beautiful tea cozy to match my little kitchen, and a BEAUTIFUL pillow. The pillow has a little nest of bluebirds-- my favorite! My photography skills are lacking-- I wish so much that you could see the tiny detail achieved on these wonderful creations. Rosanna is so incredibly talented. She also sent me these wonderful little porcelain birds-- and the teeniest, tiniest little french macaron! I actually squeeled when I opened each item... so much fun!!!

Here is another picture-- I'm sorry it isn't the clearest focus. Rosanna sent me this wonderful vintage Italian cookbook! Isn't it wonderful?!! I collect interesting cookbooks. I don't even think Rosanna knew that!

Well, Meg has already taken to feathering her little nest with all of our wonderful goodies from Rosanna. Thank you so much, Rosanna. Your generosity and kindness is so appreciated-- you made my dream come true!


The French Bear said...

Beautiful!!! Just a truly wonderful gift, oh how exciting for you!!!! Wow, I can't believe the talent!!!
Meg looks so happy!!!
Margaret B

rosanna said...

I am SO happy that everything arrived safe and soun. I was beginning t worry. I'm glad you like the pillow, I had never done a nest, it was a first trial and I was afraid it would look a bit crowded.I wish you a nice day Hugs Rosanna

Liberty Biberty said...

The tea cosy is beautiful but that little bird pillow is outstanding!!! You lucky girl!!

kathi said...

Rosanna's gifts are beautiful! She makes the prettiest things!
I like "Meg" where did you find her?
I want a little girl like her for my house too.

Marsha said...

Lucky, lucky you! They are wonderful! I can't wait to see them in person! Hugs, Marsha

Kim said...

Jill- I wish I lived closer to you- I bet to hold one of Rosanna's creations in your hands is more amazing than pictures could ever say. What a fun package- if you make something from the cookbook you must tell us about it!

Katie said...

Hi! I was looking at the pillow on Rosanna page and then I thought I come check out your page! What perfect gifts!! I would of squeeled, too! That tea cover is so cute with that table cloth! :)

Brenda said...

Love your goodies! I found you through a comment on my blog. You mentioned having trouble with photos. Just a tip passed from someone else to me, and I'm now passing it along. I write my blog on Windows Live Writer, which I then upload to Blogger. SOO much easier to get posts to look better and ways to tweak photos. You can Google (Windows Live Writer), and the download is free. I love it personally! Hated the limitations for photos on Blogger.

kimsminiatures said...

Oh wonderful things from Rosanns. I love the picture with Meg holding them all at the end. So lovely. I hope you and Marsha had a great time at the mini show. Mini hugs!

Claudia said...

What wonderful treats! I love everything and I can tell the detail is amazing! I can't wait to see it in the dollhouse!

Jill said...

So fun to hear from all of you! (Thanks!)
Kathi- I purchased Meg at a wonderful dollhouse store in Stockton, CA called "Bearly Big Enough". The storekeeper had just purchased her at a show. I'll call and find out if she remembers who the maker is. The second I saw Meg, I knew she was the right doll for my little house!