Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Laundry room

Okay, so it's not really a laundry room. It's more of a laundry corner... of the garage. And yes, I painted the wall aqua/blueish. Just because the laundry is in the garage doesn't mean you can't decorate it, right? I even have cute things to store my cleaning supplies, detergent and dryer fluffies in. I found the dryer fluffy container at an antique store. It was originally used to store medical tools.
This is a close-up of the wall vinyl that I recieved in the mail today. (Found it on ebay) I immediately put it on the wall! It's not perfectly straight, but that's my fault. I just eye-balled it 'cuz that's how I am. I still like it!
Little by little I'm getting moved into my new home. I've just been taking it one box at a time. It's going well, but I wish I could look into a room and not see boxes. I'm getting anxious to paint some more rooms! I really want to nest, but I feel obligated to finish the unpacking.
I'll be sure to post photos as my house begins to "morph" into my style. Right now most of the walls are painted in very deep, heavy colors like gold, rust, dark green, and navy blue. It's going to take a lot of primer, but I'll be changing over to light and airy colors-- coastal colors.
Stay tuned! My nest will start looking more like mine soon!


Kim G. said...

Love the laundry area Jill! My whole house is that same light blue with rich tans and soft grays, really peaceful. looking forward to the show in October!

kathi said...

Love the color you used in your laundry room. I'm sure you are happy to have one room "finished!"
Especially since you probably spend a lot of time there! You've done a terrific job! Looks great!

Marsha said...

I LOVE your accessories. Did you get them at the Red Door? Let's go there together sometime!

I just LOVE the color . . . he he he my hubby and I saw it in person one day as we drove by.

Hey, do you still need help with the sprinklers?


Kim said...

cute, cute, cute laundry room!!! Love it!!!

Claudia said...

I love the laundry room! And that paint color is one of my favorites: I have it in my bathroom. Can't wait to see more pictures of your new home!

Tallulah~Belle said...

What a wonderful idea...mine are tucked in the corner of the garage but I'd never thought of brightening up just the corner...I may do now :-)

Sounds like you are settling in very well !

Anonymous said...

What a pretty laundry room! It's SO cool that you even make a laundry room look so inviting! I LOVE the white and pale blu colors! My fav combination!